Friday Night Lights

What have I been missing? Has everyone else in the world seen this show except for me? That’s what I felt like just months ago when I started watching FNL for the very first time on Netflix. Friday Night Lights was one of the best shows I have ever seen. I can say that with confidence.

Kevin Brown (portfolio) of SometimesY (clothing line) tried to get me to watch this show years ago, but I refused. He was right. I was wrong. It is great. Kyle Chandler, the coach, won an Emmy for his acting. That’s good.

He reminded me of my coach from high school, minus the swearing at me and flawed moral views.

I have since finished the entire show and now I feel like I have nothing to look forward to during my lunch breaks. Texas Forever.

Asian Dancing and Sushi Contest

I went to Charlotte, NC for my aunt’s wedding. My sisters and I had some time to kill before the actual ceremony, so we went to a giant mall. While standing in line to order food, I heard someone speaking from a microphone. I turned to look and saw an Asian man on a stage in the middle of the food court.

I had no idea what he was saying, but the sign below him spoke of a sushi eating contest.

Well this is the greatest thing in the world, I thought to myself and then said out loud to my sisters. Then I made them sit as close as possible to the action.

But first, the Asian man said that this contest was to benefit Ms. Asia Carolinas. I don’t even know what that is, but apparently it’s some sort of pageant. Then these girls got up in front of everyone and started doing traditional Asian dances. It was cool, but it was bizarre as we were still in a mall food court.

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R.I.P. 95 Camry

Probably the most iconic thing about Kyle Patrick, is was my car. A gangster 1995 Toyota Camry – champagne gold. I have had that car for almost 10 years. Just now as I was writing this, I thought I was 23 and that I definitely did not have a car at 13. Then I remembered I’m 27. Sick.

I think every single friend I’ve ever had has taken a ride in that babe magnet, which is why all of my friends are now married. They were passengers and when the babes would be hypnotized and drawn in by my car, my friends could spit some game and land hot dates. I was too focused on the safety of my precious cargo, my friends, to be worried about babes. That is the only reason I am not married. I am sure of it.

Here are some memories

  • I used to drive to my first job at Bob Evans in that car
  • I used to drive to my sweatshop job in that car
  • That car did not have AC making my sweatshop job even more sweaty
  • I have driven old college friends to shows in DC
  • When my friends would visit me at college, we would drive around throwing candy at people…not to them
  • I threw my friend in my trunk and he kicked and broke my antenna on the way in
  • I used to hit my steering wheel with drum sticks

After a while, my car started to fall apart. It started with the antenna and was followed by the gummy bears in 2006. I had a giant bag of gummy bears in the floor of my car. I drove my friends from college up to DC one time, and without me knowing it, my friend put the bag behind the backseat and up against the back window. The sun melted the gummy bears and they completely liquefied. It ran down into my trunk and is literally impossible to remove. I had a basketball in the trunk which was covered by the goo, and when I pried the basketball out of the trunk, it ripped the leather off.

I also kept an oven knob on my dashboard to remind me about that one time my dorm almost burnt down. Whenever people would get into my car, they would ask about it, and wonder why I never cleaned the soot off of it. Because I didn’t feel like it.

It was a good car that saw a lot of good times. Sad to see it go, but not sad I don’t have to climb in through the passenger side because the door handle doesn’t work…or because the windshield is cracked…or because it has been leaking more fumes than any one man should inhale…or because it leaks oil….or because the tire is bent front that time I slammed into the curb….or because the spare I had exploded while I was driving….or because the AC doesn’t work…or because the radio barely worked….or because the back left passenger door handle was broke…or because I was missing 2 hubcaps….or because the hood wouldn’t stay open and I had to use a wooden stick to prop it up….or because a metal wire hanger is keeping my exhaust together….or because it didn’t defrost in the rain…

You’re Killin Me Pizza Hut

I am a big fan of pizza. I could probably eat it every day. But there’s a problem with that, and Pizza Hut knows this. They know how vulnerable I am to their pizza deals, so they send me an email about every other day, letting me know that they know who I am, and that I am no match for their $10 any pizza deal. And they are right.

You would think that by receiving an email almost every single day, that I would have the willpower to unsubscribe from their email list – that it would bother me. But with each email, I grow closer and closer to calling in an order. Actually, scratch that. I don’t even have to call. I order it from my iPhone. But they know that, too.

They aren’t even the best pizza place near me. I have a great pizza place 1 mile away from my house. Literally. But the Hut’s pictures are delicious. And no one can compare to the $10 deal.

After I order and eat the pizza, I usually feel terrible. It may also be the only thing to give me heartburn. But I won’t stop. It’s probably slowly killing me. But I won’t stop…I can’t.