You are the Worst

Photo by Michael Belk

Photo by Michael Belk

You ever know someone who just loves other people well? It’s pretty incredible to watch. I suck at it, so when I see someone who does it well, it’s literally one of the most admirable and awe-striking things I could possibly witness. Seriously. It is.

I typically have a terrible poker face if I’m annoyed with someone. In fact, I just have one of those faces where it looks like I’m always annoyed even though I’m not. There’s even a term for it. The Christian version would be “b***** resting face”.

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1. I just found out yogurt was good.

I have avoided yogurt my entire life because I was told countless times that it was alive and/or curdled milk. Seeing as to how I’ve had bad experiences with expired milk, I avoided yogurt at all cost. It wasn’t until I was left with the choice to eat yogurt or not eat at all, that I discovered how good it was. Now I buy it Continue reading