You are the Worst

Photo by Michael Belk
You ever know someone who just loves other people well? It’s pretty incredible to watch. I suck at it, so when I see someone who does it well, it’s literally one of the most admirable and awe-striking things I could possibly...
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1. I just found out yogurt was good. I have avoided yogurt my entire life because I was told countless times that it was alive and/or curdled milk. Seeing as to how I’ve had bad experiences with expired milk, I...
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I Went to Nashville

I went to Nashville last week for work. On the way down I got a speeding ticket. He’s probably friends with the officer who gave me a court date on my birthday. Other than that, and the fact that I...
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Splatter Run · 5k Fun Run

If you guys are into those fun run 5k things, then go check out Young Life is doing a big 5k run for the third year in a row and it’s gotten bigger each year. I did it last...
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The Mission

I have always had a problem understanding how God loved us. I’m a man. Those two things are related. It’s just not something “I got”. Alright, Jesus died for us. But that’s hard for me to understand and hard to...
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The Week’s Top Stories

A lot of very important and life changing things happened this week – not just for me but for everyone at Panera in Fairfax. I thought I would recap the week with my life’s top stories. It’s likely that the...
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